backbone: Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events

Micheil Smith Micheil Smith

Earlier today, Jeremy Ashkenas from Document Cloud released yet another open source project from them. This time, it’s a library that gives you a spine to develop your JavaScript-heavy applications on top of, naturally, it would have to be called Backbone.js.

Backbone provides you with models, collections, and views – the core principles of Model-View-Controller development – for your JavaScript applications. As for synchronising the data between the client-side and server-side? Well Backbone has a neck for that too, a simple RESTful JSON interface connector. An example of a Backbone model and collection looks something like the following:

var book = new Backbone.Model({
  id     : '1-the-tempest',
  title  : "The Tempest",
  author : "Bill Shakespeare",
  length : 123

var Collection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
  url: function() { return '/collection'; }

var library = new Collection();

This library also hooks into jQuery for some aspects of it, which could be a winning point, considering all the talk of MVC for jQuery. For those concerned about the size of your JavaScript, fear not, as the production version of Backbone weighs in at a tiny 2kb.

If you’re developing a JavaScript-heavy application, Backbone.js definitely gives you something to stand on.

[Source on GitHub] [Documentation]

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