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baker: Publish eBooks on the iPad using HTML5


Want to create an eBook but don’t want to futz with learning new tools? Davide Casali, Marco Colombo, and Alessandro Morandi have created Baker, a new framework to let you create books for the iPad using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Baker aims to do for books what PhoneGap has done for HTML5 web apps in just three steps.


Baker currently supports portrait layouts, so just design your book using a web layout 768px wide. Pages can be as tall as you want and will scroll anything over 1024px. Multiple chapters are supported using separate HTML files.


Drop the contents of your book into a /book folder, naming chapters sequentially as 1.html, 2.html, 3.html, etc. You may use subfolders for assets, but your chapters must be in the root folder.


To publish your book, you’ll need an Apple Developer account. Then you can publish your book using the Baker XCode project, renaming the project to reflect your book title as well supplying your own icon for the App Store. Check out full instructions in the README

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