Adam Stacoviak

Better Google Web Fonts

A sim­ple one-off page to browse multi-variant type­faces. Google Web Fonts is full of awesome free, open source fonts. It’s also full of fonts that may not be worth your time. I’ve been using this to mine Google based on his metrics, and start there.

I quickly discovered that a good metric for higher-quality fonts was the presence of four or more alternates. The Google Web Fonts directory does not allow that type of filtering, so I built this simple one-off page that allows you to browse typefaces that are true families. - Matt Wiebe

Would be neat if each font in the index had its own page with Dribbble shots tagged with “PT Serif” and an email with updates on these worthy fonts.

The source is on GitHub if you want to contribute.

Fun fact. We used Yanone Kaffeesatz in our logo.


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