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Beyond Code - Season 1 Teaser Trailer #1

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We are so excited about the first season of Beyond Code. We'll be releasing it very soon! It's been a long time in the making, and we've finally gotten all the footage edited and ready to be published.

Before we do that, we wanted to share this teaser trailer with you so you can get excited about what's to come. If you don't already, subscribe to Changelog Weekly to be notified when we publish Season 1. You should also subscribe to our YouTube channel while you're at it.

What's Beyond Code? Beyond Code is a brief interview series we shoot on location at tech conferences around the world. Our first stop on this adventure was Keep Ruby Weird in Austin, TX on October 24th, 2014.

What you see in this teaser trailer are answers to some of the most profound questions we might ask ourselves as software developers. We go deep, and the focus is completely on real people we see everyday in our communities.

Back in episode #141, when I announced that I was going full-time, I mentioned video will play a big part in the future of what we do here at The Changelog. We're not going to mount up some video cameras and turn our audio podcast into a video podcast. No. We're going out into the community as filmmakers to capture real people, sharing real advice, and creating real authentic relationships.

Check out this issue on our Ping repo on GitHub to see what our 2015 conference scene plans are. If you're hosting a conference and want us to bring Beyond Code to your conference, get in touch!


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