Adam Stacoviak

Blink -- based on WebKit, powering browsers using Chromium

Blink is the new rendering engine from Google based on WebKit that will power browsers using Chromium, Google’s open source browser, and Google Chrome.

If it’s not clear to you, Blink won’t interpret CSS and JavaScript the same way WebKit (or Gecko) does. For a web community that’s been addicted to WebKit, hopefully this turns out well. I’m sure there’s a political move here between Google and Apple. It’s obvious there’s a war between the two elsewhere in tech, so hopefully this isn’t just spillover from that and their ambitions are just.

Speaking of their mission:

To improve the open web through technical innovation and good citizenship. Blink is an inclusive open-source community that values fostering a supportive culture. We welcome participation from anyone who shares this mission.

If you haven’t yet, check out the announcement post for Blink and the project page at


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