Adam Stacoviak

Code Triage sends you one issue a day from your favorite open source repos

From Richard Schneeman’s release post:

I don't have time to contribute to open source". But who does? We're too busy shipping products and open source is so daunting and time consuming.

What if giving back wasn’t so overwhelming, so time consuming, so vast and soul crushing? What if you could get bite-sized open source tasks delivered right to your inbox? You could work on them when you get some free time, while learning more about the underlying guts of the code you depend on. Well now you can with: Code Triage.

Making open source easier to jump in and get started, as well as remove the burden from maintainers is a long and deep topic.

The era of "too busy", "too novice", and "too lost to start" are over. Now is the time to solve bugs, merge good pull requests, and prevent maintainer burn-out. Together we can do it.

Code Triage is really a win win for maintainers as well as those looking to contribute but don’t know where to start.

If you’re a maintainer add your repos. If you’re wanting to help your favorite open source projects, sign up (Notice: direct link to GitHub auth).

If you’re interested in helping out with Triage directly, checkout the repo on GitHub as well as Richard’s blog post to kick off the project.

Hat tip to this week’s Status Code


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