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coffee-resque: Coffeescript/Node.js port of Resque

It seems that constraints, among other things, helped Rick Olson (aka technoweenie) get this Coffeescript/Node.js port of Resque ready for the initial release he open sourced yesterday (Monday - October 25, 2010).

First, you’ll want to queue some jobs in your app:

var resque = require('resque').connect({
  host: redisHost, port: redisPort});
resque.enqueue('math', 'add', [1,2])

Next, you’ll want to setup a worker to handle these jobs.

// implement your job functions
var myJobs = {
  add: function(a, b) { a + b }

// setup a worker
var worker = require('resque').worker('*', {
  host: redisHost, port: redisPort,
  callbacks: myJobs})

// some global event listeners
// Triggered every time the Worker polls.
worker.on('poll', function(worker, queue) {})

// Triggered before a Job is attempted.
worker.on('job', function(worker, queue, job) {})

// Triggered every time a Job errors.
worker.on('error', function(err, worker, queue, job) {})

// Triggered on every successful Job run.
worker.on('success', function(worker, queue, job) {})


Rick also notes that generic failure handling and better polling are on his todo list.

Check out the codes

[Source on GitHub] [Documentation]


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