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coffeeapp: Have some CoffeeScript on the CouchApp

One of the cool things about CouchDB is its built-in web server which lets you easily create all-in-one HTML5 and JavaScript applications that J Chris Anderson calls CouchApps.

If CoffeeScript (covered in Episode 0.2.9) is your preferred method to sling JavaScript these days, check out CoffeeApp from Andrzej Sliwa. CoffeeApp is a simple wrapper on top of CouchApp that lets you write your apps in Coffee as well as manage multiple releases of your apps with deployment snapshots.

Assuming you’ve gotten CoffeeScript installed including its Node.js dependencies, you can install CoffeeApp via the excellent npm.

npm install coffeeapp

You can then invoke coffeeapp with the normal couchapp options

coffeeapp [options]

CoffeeApp maintains a .releases folder where your *.coffee files are converted to to *.js on-the-fly before pushing to CouchDB.


Andrzej has made a flurry of changes yesterday including some nifty generators:

$ coffeeapp cgenerate view myview

CoffeeApp (v0.0.5) - simple coffee-script wrapper for CouchApp (http://couchapp.org)

Running CoffeeApp 'view' generator...
 * creating myview/map.coffee...
 * creating myview/reduce.coffee...

[Source on GitHub]


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