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couchpubtato: Turn CouchDB into a PubSubHubbub subscriber

Tyler Gillies and Max Ogden, who recently ported Diaspora to a CouchApp have released Couchpubtato. Couchpubtato is a CouchApp that turns CouchDB into a PubSubHubbub subscriber. Be sure and catch Episode 0.3.7 for the scoop on PubSubHubbub if you missed it.

What does all of this mean for you? Now with a little help from Superfeedr, you can create a realtime JSON API from any PubSubHubbub-enabled XML feed.

What you’ll need

Now Superfeedr will pump your CouchDB full of data as your feed updates. So smart!


It seems Tyler Gillies was the original brains behind the project.

[Source on GitHub]


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