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cradle - A high-level, caching, CouchDB client for Node.js

Intended to be a higher-level API on top of Couch, cradle from Alexis Sellier tries to bridge what’s best about CouchDB and Node.js. Cradle comes with built-in write-through caching to boost speed and easier updates and deletes.

Most methods from CouchDB map one-to-one with Cradle although some like save can orchestrate multiple operations.

From the README

var cradle = require('cradle');
var db = new(cradle.Connection).database('starwars');

db.get('vador').addCallback(function (doc) {
    doc.name; // 'Darth Vador'
    assert.equal(doc.force, 'dark');

db.save('skywalker', {
    force: 'light',
    name: 'Luke Skywalker'
}).addCallback(function (res) {
    // Handle success
}).addErrback(function (res) {
    // Handle error

[Source on GitHub] [Follow Alexis Sellier on Twitter]


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