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Fiddle Salad - Live editor with preprocessors, CSS, HTML and JavaScript and more

A few days back, Yuguang Zhang reached out to us to let us know about his ambitious project, Fiddle Salad. It’s a little rough on the UX side of things …

I certainly like the problem it aims to solve. After playing with it for a bit my only gripe is that it feels a little clunky and hard to use. I wanted to create a sample document, save it and share it as an example in the post. I was bummed when I had to add 10 words or more for a description to save. Then the save button seemed to disappear. I was also bummed when I could only create an account by using a social profile (GitHub was not one of them). For all you Sass lovers out there, one thing I did love was that it seemed like Compass was being included by default.

Needless to say, Yuguang has done a great effort on what I think could be an awesome tool, and it’s even better that he shared his code for us all to learn from as well as contribute to.

Try it out for yourself.

Source on GitHub - Website - Twitter


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