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Find the right tools for your Sass projects with Sache

Sache just launched – it’s a Sass library directory made by Chris Michel and Jared Hardy. They teamed up to create Sache because of their love for the Sass community and to help folks find the right tools to use in Sass/Compass projects.

Jared Hardy on why they built Sache:

Was inspired after SassConf by all the amazing stuff people were building and I wanted a place where we could feature and explore the cool stuff the sass community was producing.

Currently there are just 21 libraries listed. If yours is missing, add it to the directory.

On contributing:

We love open-source projects and community so we've kept this repo open for anyone to contribute to. Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request with an additional feature or even a bug fix. If you are going to contribute: create a new branch off of master and open a pull request against that so we can check out your work. Please make sure you've tested your work thoroughly before finalizing your pull request.

Check out the Github repository to submit issues and learn how to contribute, and follow @sache_in on Twitter to stay up to date.


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