Adam Stacoviak - Sass and Compass, CoffeeScript, Auto Refresh, Static Builds and more

As a throw-back to my post a few months back on LiveReload - I bring you Handlino’s (they’re also the makers of - Dead easy HTML Prottyping is a menubar only app for dead easy HTML prototyping with some of my most favorite features all bundled in one. The best part? was written in Java (JRuby) and works on Mac, Linux as well as PC. - New Project

While comes with a price tag of $14.00 (10% of sales donated to UMDF), it’s GPLv2 licensed because the fine folks at Handlino love open source so much! The source code is on GitHub so you can build it your own, or even fork, modify it based on your needs as well contribute if you’d like. If you want to build your own copy, you’ll need JRuby and rawr. - Project Menu

One of the coolest features is that you don’t need to “install” - you can put it anywhere, even Dropbox and sync it between computers.


  • Sass + Compass
  • Template languages (Haml/ERB/Markdown)
  • CoffeeScript
  • Auto Refresh
  • Build Project (static HTML/Javascript/CSS with a single click)
  • Cross-Platform

Source on GitHub - Homepage - CHANGELOG


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