Adam Stacoviak

Flawless catches exceptions and uses git-blame to email the developer who wrote the code

From John Egan, Growth Hacker at Shopkick, Flawless is a Python framework that catches exceptions and uses git-blame to notify only the developer that wrote the buggy code.

How Flawless works:

The Flawless client wraps your code with a try/except block. When an exception is caught it then sends the entire traceback to the Flawless server. The Flawless server then aggregates exception reports from clients and figures out which line of code caused the exception. Once the line that caused the exception is identified, Flawless runs "git blame" to determine the email address of the developer that last touched that line of code. Flawless then sends the developer an email with the traceback.

Check out the GitHub page for Flawless for more details and setup instructions.


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