Adam Stacoviak

FOWA 2010: David Recordon on Facebook Open Source Projects

At Future of Web Apps 2010 in Miami, Florida; Senior Open Programs Manager, David Recordon sat with Ryan Carson for just over 10 minutes to talk about a few of the notable Open Source projects Facebook is driving.

The projects discussed were:

Facebook has been developed from the ground up using open source software. They give back to the Open Source community through more than 21 open source projects and counting.

Open Source Home, Cassandra, codemod, Facebook Animation, Facebook Exporter for iPhoto, Facebook, Firefox Toolbar, Facebook Mirror, Facebook Open Platform, flvtool++, HipHop for PHP, Hive, memcached, PHPEmbed, phpsh, Public Patches Library, Scribe, Three20, Thrift, Tornado, XHP and XHProf

[Facebook Open Source] [Facebook on GitHub]


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