Adam Stacoviak

GitHub FollowFriday for 20101008

Another Friday, time to spotlight some GitHub folks you should follow.

rtomayko (Ryan Tomayko)

When Ryan isn’t making GitHub better, he’s turning out projects like rdiscount and tilt. Check out his latest riffs on docco - rocco and shocco.

lukeredpath (Luke Redpath)

Luke’s GitHub feed is an eclectic mix of Ruby, JavaScript and Objective-C. If you’re building iOS apps, be sure and check out LRResty and LROAuth2Client.

paulirish (Paul Irish)

A member of the Google Chrome and jQuery teams, Paul Irish has given us Modernizr and html5-boilerplate, but his crowning achievement has to be mothereffingtextshadow

mbleigh (Michael Bleigh)

If you’ve done much of anything with Twitter and Ruby, chances are you’re using code from Michael Bleigh. Michael is the brains behind projects like Hashie, TwitterAuth, OmniAuth, OAuth2, and OpenGraph.


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