Adam Stacoviak

gradientD is a CSS3 Gradient Designer using Dojo

Tom Pryor:

I wanted to try out Dojo's new AMD pattern, as well as widigtize (finally) the gradient code spagetti I am currently using in my CSS3 Button Tool (Beta) and I finally got some time to play so I put this dojo widget/mashup together and put it on gitHub in case anyone was interested.

I’m psyched with the much better network performance, but even more importantly (for me) is that I have my first Dojo widget, and I think the next step is to just include it in the buttonMaker… but now I am thinking of upgrading it too to the AMD pattern, before installing this new Dojo AMD widget.

Wow. This is certainly useful, if you’re looking to easily visually create gradients of all types using CSS3/SCSS copy and paste-able code right into your project. The UI design Tom has chosen to go with for the generator could use some work (using Drew Wilson a barometer), but it’s certainly an awesome project that makes it too easy to create CSS3 gradients that’s for sure.

I like how you can double click the sliders to change their color or add new ones by clicking below the horizontal ruler.

Tom does mention support for SCSS in the description of the repo on GitHub, but based on his todo list, that’s not done yet.

Check out the CSS3 Gradient Designer to have some fun creating CSS3 gradients and the source on GitHub.


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