Ground Control is a blogging platform built expressly for Meteor. Write in markdown, deploy in seconds.

Adam Stacoviak Adam Stacoviak

While researching another Meteor.js focused opinion post (soon to be posted), I stumbled onto Ground Control from Tom Coleman, which is literally days old in terms of announcement, but 6 months old in commits.

From the announcement post:

Ground Control is still fairly bare-bones at this point, but it does allow you do the following:
  • Write posts in Markdown
  • Set a global email domain for admin users (e.g.
  • Invite users manually if an email domain is not appropriate
  • Publish and un-publish posts, as well as manage your post list
  • Subscribe to the posts via RSS (see the link on the top right)

There's a lot more that can be done to make Ground Control awesome, and we'd love your help!

Ground Control creator--Tom Coleman--has his own blog running on Ground Control. So, at least the basic concept is out there.

Check out the source or get started.

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