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Here's a FREE 🎟️ to join us at All Things Open!

We’re stoked about All Things Open in October! Never heard of it? Here’s the big picture:

All Things Open is the largest open source/open tech/open web conference on the east coast of the United States.  It regularly hosts some of the most well-known experts in the world as well as nearly every major technology company.  Nearly 4,100 from 40 U.S. states and 24 countries participated in 2018.  4,500 are expected in 2019.

JS Party Live 🔬

We’re experimenting with something brand new for the live JS Party we’re recording at the show: Lightning Chats!

JS Party Live at All Things Open 2019

Lightning talks are awesome! What could be better than five minute monologues about interesting topics? Five minute dialogs about interesting topics. That’s what!

Join a live recording of the JS Party podcast as we sit down with conference attendees like you and discuss what you think is interesting. Get in line to chat with us and you might be featured on a produced episode of the show. Or sit back and enjoy the ride as we’re all entertained by passionate people talking about new projects and interesting ideas.

This takes place right after lunch on Monday at 1pm in Ballroom C. DO NOT MISS IT!

Jerod on Svelte 🚤

I’ve started sipping that sweet, sweet Svelte kool-aid and I’m giving a talk titled A radical new approach to building web interfaces. Here’s the abstract:

Deployed by organizations like the New York Times and Go Daddy, Svelte is the overnight success that’s been 4 years in the making. Unlike traditional frameworks like React and Vue, Svelte does its work during build-time so your app starts fast and stays fast.

This talk is a conceptual and practical introduction to Svelte: you’ll learn how and why it does what it does then kick the tires by building a basic app.

I’m scheduled for Tuesday at 1pm on the front-end engineering track. I believe it’s room 306C, but double check that as it gets closer as sometimes these things change.

Changelog booth 👋

Stop by booth #72 near the internet lounge to say hi! We’ll be recording conversations, giving out Changelog stickers, and drinking way too much coffee.

All Things Open 2019 booth layout

Win a FREE ticket 🎟️

We’re giving away 5 FREE tickets in collaboration with the awesome event organizers. All you have to do is tweet

“I want a free pass to @AllThingsOpen because…”

state your reason and mention @Changelog so we see it. We’ll DM the winners later this week.

If you don’t want to wait, register right now right here because prices increase tomorrow. Use the promo code Changelog20 to save 20% on your ticket.

See you there! 👋


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