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jekyll-bootstrap - The quickest way to start a Jekyll blog on GitHub pages

For those who follow me on GitHub, you know I’m a HUGE fan of creating bootstraps (a good starting point) for the various tools I work with. Everything from Sass, Compass, Serve, NestaCMS, Sinatra and more …

We really have to give Jade Dominguez a hand with and all the efforts he’s put forth to help you go from “zero to hosted in 3 minutes” on GitHub pages.

Jekyll Bootstrap

Here’s what he had to say to us in his email letting us know about the project …

Jekyll Bootstrap is an Open Source project dedicated to faster/easier blog publishing for developers. I’ve benefited greatly from developer’s documenting their how-to’s and bug fixes by blogging about it. I want to return the favor but it’s such a chore to use something like Wordpress or Posterous (I’ve tried many times). I hate web UI’s for writing technical content.

Check out the code and for all usage and documentation.


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