jQuery-Haml: A Haml-like language written in JSON

WOW! Haml is making in-roads to JSON! jQuery-haml is a Haml-like language written in JSON. This allows for easy DOM building so that web apps can do more work independent of the server for a better user experience.

You can see a small example page using it at http://static.creationix.com/jquery-haml/examples/index.html. View the source to see that all the content is built after page load.

To be clear this project was recently split. The server-side half of the component stayed at the old name of haml-js and has it’s own documentation and everything there.

Hat tip: Us - https://changelog.com/post/265338825/picard-a-micro-framekwork-for-node-js

Similar to Sinatra and uses Haml-js. Looks like things are heating up for Node.js.

[code at GitHub] [demo] [homepage]

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