Adam Stacoviak

Linotype is atebits' Letterpress game engine in Ruby

If you code in Ruby and you’re a fan of Letterpress from atebits, Linotype should get you excited. The project was inspired by this tweet by Andy Baio and started by Sean Devine.

From the readme:

Linotype is a simple ruby implementation of the Letterpress for iOS game mechanic. Letterpress was created by Loren Brichter and is sold on iTunes. Linotype is meant to be used to write other programs such as simple player command line games, cheating/simulation programs, web-based versions, or whatever else you can think of. My goal is that the community will submit pull requests to this project so that programs can share a common engine.

Sean’s goal with this project is to have the community submit pull requests so the other programs can share a common game engine. Also the readme has a few feature ideas mentioned.

Check out the source on GitHub to get started, or discuss at Hacker News.


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