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The Changelog podcast is moving to 5by5!

We’re excited to announce that the podcast is moving to 5by5!

The Changelog + 5by5

Pretty much since we first launched the podcast Dan Benjamin (founder of 5by5) has wanted The Changelog to join the ranks of 5by5. The only reason we didn’t make the move back then was because of how we choose to number our podcast episodes. Rather than having episode #86, we had episode 0.8.6. For Dan, that was a big problem for 5by5’s CMS.

Needless to say, we never made the move. Over the years, we’ve even taken slack for not following SemVer so we figured improperly versioning the podcast for the sake of being more true to the hacker way wasn’t working. So we’re ditching the version numbers as episode numbers, and making our way to 5by5 with normal episode numbers like a good podcast should.

Let me just say that we are STOKED to be joining forces with Dan and 5by5! If you don’t already, follow @TheChangelog on Twitter for blog updates and new show announcements so you don’t miss a beat!

What's changing?

Nothing, for the most part.

Since the re-launch, we made a commitment to you to bring the podcast back – we now broadcast the show live every Tuesday at 5pm CST. No change there.

We also opened up the IRC chat room on Freenode for realtime chat during the show. Moving to 5by5 has no effect on this plan. In fact, it only helps us to better execute this plan.

The only change is where you go to listen to the show live and subscribe.

Nothing, and I repeat nothing is changing with the blog. In fact, we’re growing. More on that later.

Listening live

The show will be LIVE at every Tuesday at 5pm CST.

5by5 also has their 5by5 Radio app for iOS ($2.99) which lets you listen live on the go. You can also opt-in to push notifications when the show goes live so you never miss another show. If you have the app already, head to the settings and enable push notifications for The Changelog. You might as well enable push notifications for Founders Talk too while you’re there.

Listening to the show archive

The entire show archive and future recorded shows will now be served by the 5by5 CMS and distributed across the globe by Cachefly’s CDN. So no matter where you are in the world, you’ll get super fast access to the show.

We’re also pretty excited about the new artwork Jory is making us! Keep an eye out on his Dribbble for a sneak peek.

Subscribing to the show

For those who subscribe via RSS – update your feed to use, or click here

For those who subscribe via iTunes – No change is required! We did update the feed that iTunes consumes though, so you MAY see older shows get re-downloaded. Sadly, we can’t prevent this. Subscribe via iTunes here.


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