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node-cloudservers: Node.js Meets Rackspace Cloud

Setting up new servers can often be quite a pain, although, with the help of a good API, quickly provisioning servers can become quite an easy task. So easy, in fact, that the team at Nodejitsu claims to have gotten it down to just 3 minutes by using Node.js and the Rackspace Cloud.

Previously we’ve talked about other projects by both Marak Squires and Charlie Robbins, well, Node-CloudServers is their latest installment in what is quickly becoming their robust platform for Node.js deployment. That said, they are providing most of the components of their platform as open source, their latest piece is accompanied by a comprehensive blog post on how to get started with this new node.js module.

This project is different to most, in that it’s got the commercial backing of a NYC Startup while still being open source. After a quick word with Marak he stated, “It [node-cloudservers] is currently 0.1.0, but actively under development and is supported”.

One important note about this new module is that in order to use it, you will need an account on Rackspace’s CloudServers service — and that includes to run the tests for the code at this point.

[Source on GitHub] [Quickstart Article]


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