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Note taking made simple with Notational Velocity - and nvALT!

As many of you know, and hopefully are ready for, we will be recording LIVE today at 6PM EST, which is a little more than an hour away! We are very excited, and you can keep up with us at any of the following:

The show will be myself, Adam Stacoviak, Steve Klabnik, Kenneth Reitz and Jerod Santo. We will be discussing the relaunch, news and much more as it relates to Open Source!

That’s enough advertising, now on to the real purpose of the post!

While preparing for the new Podcast, I decided to dig around and look for the best (open source) note taking application I could find. I have heard about Notational Velocity, by Zachary Schneirov.
Obviously, by the looks of it, development has ceased on the project   the code hasn’t been updated in 2 years.

However, a fork of the project, which I heard Merlin Mann discuss on another podcast I listen to, has continued to improve. The fork is nvALT by Brett Terpstra and it is what I will be using today while recording the new podcast!

Brett has written a great summary of what Notational Velocity is, what nvALT is, and the features that this application has. If you are interested in contributing to a growing, fun Mac App, this is a great place to start!

As usual, you can view the source on GitHub or visit the project’s homepage.


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