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orona: Multiplayer websockets tank warfare game powered by Node.js

Technologies like Websockets show a lot of promise for web-based multiplayer games. You’ve probably seen Rumpetroll, the super cool Websockets demo.

Now, Stéphan Kochen is developing Orona a websockets-powered port of Bolo, a multiplayer tank warfare game.

Orona was developed in CoffeeScript and runs on Connect the Node.js web framework from Tim Caswell. Stéphan has also extracted a realtime browser game framework from Orona that he calls Villain.

You can play the multiplayer demo or install it locally via npm to play by yourself:

npm install coffee-script
npm install connect
npm install villain

Once installed, you can browse to http://localhost:8124/bolo.html to play the game.

[Source on GitHub] [Demo]


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