otp_kickoff: Kick off a new Erlang/OTP project!

Adam Stacoviak Adam Stacoviak

OTP Kick-off is a simple project generator written in Ruby to make starting a new Erlang/OTP project a simple task.


After you have installed and configured otp_kickoff … (see readme)

In your terminal, type:

otp_kickoff new_application --name=amazingapp

That will generate:

create  amazingapp/src
create  amazingapp/ebin
create  amazingapp/deps
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_app.app
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_app.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_sup.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_server.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_handler.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp.hrl

Hat tip: @codezone http://twitter.com/codezone/status/6360747343

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