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Persistence: high level persistance/database system for node.js

From @creationix, Persistence is a project to allow a high level API for persisting data between process runs. The goal is to support backends that are easy to use, powerful, flexible, or all of the above if possible.

Supported databases include:

  • PostgreSQL - An enterprise level relational database. The driver is implemented in pure JavaScript and communicates over TCP using the PostgreSQL wire protocol.
  • Sqlite3 - A simple, fast, server-less relational database. This driver is a wrapper around the command-line sqlite3 program. It requires sqlite3 to be in the path. The communication is extremely fast, but types aren’t very precise. There are only strings and nulls returned.
  • MongoDB - A scalable, high-performance, open source, schema-free, document-oriented database. This driver also implements the wire protocol in JavaScript and communicated with the server over TCP.
  • JSON-DB - A homegrown system schema-free, document-oriented database that uses simple flat files containing JSON objects. This has no requirements at all except node and a filesystem. Performance is to be determined once it’s implemented fully.

[Source on GitHub]


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