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Questhub, the social task tracker

Have you ever needed to be encouraged, or even nudged
by fellow travelers to go ahead with your quests?
Questhub aims to help you with exactly this problem.

You define tasks (or quests), others can upvote them and comment on them,
and suddenly you are held accountable for your plans.
You can’t procrastinate any more.

Questhub also supports Stencils, which are quest ideas or templates.
You create one and someone else can finish it. Even repeatedly.

Vyacheslav Matyukhin, the author of Questhub describes it
as being a public task tracker with social features and game points.

A live, public version can be found at Questhub.io with several
‘realms’, such as Perl, Fitness,
and Chaos.

The source code, which is written in
Perl, using the Perl Dancer web framework and lots of JavaScript,
is distributed with the MIT license.


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