Summer Breeze: creates dynamic Rails fixtures for Jasmine tests

Wynn Netherland Wynn Netherland

On stage at Red Dirt Ruby Conference, Noel Rappin has released Summer Breeze, a gem that makes working with Jasmine in Rails a bit easier. Summer Breeze dynamically creates Rails fixtures for your Jasmine tests.

Installation and usage

To install via RubyGems:

gem install summer_breeze

… and run the bundled generator:

rails generate summer_breeze:install

Now you can define you fixtures in the generated initializer:

fixture "PostsController##index.body_container"

You then have several options for telling Jasmine about your new fixture:

sb.findSelector(fixture_name, selector)

A sample test might look like:

it("hides text when asked", function() {
  $form_container = sb.findSelector('login', '.form_container');
  $hide_link = $form_container.find(".toggle_link");

Be sure and check the Readme for advanced usage and limitations.

[Source on GitHub]

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