Adam Stacoviak

Redacted, an open source font for your wireframes on the web and desktop

Redacted is a great open source font that keeps your wireframes free of distracting Lorem Ipsum dummy text.

Redacted Font in action

It comes in three styles: Redacted Regular, Redacted Script, and Redacted Script Bold. Christian, Redacted’s author, notes that the font is similar to BLOKK, but Redacted is open-source and has better character widths.

From the readme:

Disclaimer - This project is a (nearly) direct rip-off of BLOKK. The idea is simple and brilliant, but I wasn't happy with the implementation and it didn't appear to be an open source project, so I created my own. Credit where credit is due.

Check out the src directory for Fontlab and Adobe Illustrator source files if you’d like to learn more, or add to this awesome open source font. Check out the fonts directory to snag what you need to use it in your web projects or install it on the desktop.


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