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Renewed efforts to translate the Ruby Hacking Guide into English

Vincent Isambart, a French Rubyist living in the land of the rising sun (Tokyo, Japan), and a few others have started a new organization on GitHub to renew the efforts to help translate the Ruby Hacking Guide (originally written in Japanese by Minero AOKI) into English.

The Ruby Hacking Guide is a book that explains how the ruby interpreter (the official C implementation of the Ruby language) works internally.

If you'd like to help…

People who are good at Ruby, C and Japanese or English are needed. Those good at Japanese (native Japanese speakers are of course welcome) can help translate and those good at English (preferably native speakers) can help correct mistakes, and rewrite badly written parts… Knowing Ruby and C well is really a requirement because it helps avoiding many mistranslations and misinterpretations.

Interested parties can join in by forking this repo to get started. There’s also a mailing list to introduce yourself – mention who you are, your skills, and how much free time you have.

For those wanting to read what’s been translated so far, check out the public version online.

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ht/ Hiro Asari via Steve Klabnik.


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