Adam Stacoviak

Riot - An extremely fast-running unit testing framework.


You start a new project. You get all excited. You’re adding tests. You’re adding factories. You’re fixturating your setups. You’re adding more tests. Your tests start slowing down, but you need to keep pushing because your backlog has a lot of new, nifty features in it. You’ve got 3000+ lines of test code, 2000+ assertions. Your tests are annoyingly slow. Your tests have become a burden.

How Riot is different

Riot differs primarily in that it does not rerun setup for each test in a context. I know this is going to shock a lot of folks. However, over the past several years of my doing TDD in some capacity or another, there are certain habits I have tried to pick up on any many others I have tried to drop.

(content extracted from the project’s readme)

Hat tip: JEG2 -

I made commits to riot and colorize today. Once there are new releases of both, riot will be promoted to my favorite Ruby testing library!

[code at GitHub] [ruby gem at Gemcutter]


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