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SeedJS - Flexible JavaScript package manager on Node.js

Meant to support the SproutCore HTML5 Platform as well as manage packages for apps on the server, web browser, and other clients, SeedJS is built on node.js and Google V8 and helps distribute and install shared JavaScript code.

Seed builds upon the CommonJS package format and Seed archives are normal zip archives.

To get started once you have Node up and running, start by cloning the repo:

git clone git://github.com/seedjs/seed
cd seed
git submodule update --init

and then run the setup script:


Make sure the seed binary is in your path:

export PATH=~/.seeds/bin:$PATH

You’re then free to list and install seeds:

seed list --remote
seed install markdown

… and use them in your app:

var markdown = require('markdown');
markdown.html('__Hello World__');

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