Adam Stacoviak

Sheet - store text snippets from the command line

Programmers love command-line tools. And many, many programmers write their own little utilities to try and optimize their personal workflow. sheet isn’t the first tool to store text snippets, and it draws immediate comparisons to both boom and cheat. But enough about what it’s like, what does it do?

Basically, you can use the ‘sheet’ command to store an arbitrary chunk of text as a key:

$ sheet new foo # opens up your $EDITOR to write a sheet
$ sheet foo # dumps out the contents of foo
$ sheet copy foo # the contents of foo are now in your clipboard!

It also has a handy shortcut for URLs. Add this to your sheet:


and it’ll open the URL in your browser when you open the sheet.

To install sheet, just gem install sheet from the command line. You might also want to check out its README.


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