Andrew Thorp

Simmetrica is a simple-metric-aggregator in Python

Simmetrica, by Osman Üngür is described in the README as:

A lightweight framework for collecting and aggregating event metrics as timeseries data.

It has two requirements, Python >= 2.6, and Redis. Installation is simple, with git and pip being the preferred method:

git clone git://
cd simmetrica
pip install -r requirements.txt

After installing Simmetrica, and making sure you have redis running, you can push events with the library, from the command-line, or by using REST:


After pushing some data, you can run the HTTP application:


Then fire up your browser and visit http://localhost:5000 to see the data in a nicely designed dashboard. Simmetrica has a lot of other features: configuring the dashbard, command-line querying, REST querying, etc. You can view them all at the README or view the source on GitHub.


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