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Super powered Jekyll templating with Jekyll Liquid Plus

For those of you running a Jekyll or Octopress powered blog, Brandon Mathis has been working like crazy on Octopress 3.0, determining what it is and isn't, and along the way breaking off pieces to release as independent gems.

His goal in doing this, is to allow Jekyll users to be able to install a few gems and be able to use most of Octopress’s goodies without having to change a thing.

Yesterday, he announced Jekyll Liquid Plus.

Jekyll Liquid Plus includes:

  • Redesigned, but backwards compatible: include, assign and capture tags
  • All new: render, wrap, wrap_include and return tags

From this Alpha post from Brandon:

My goal for Octopress is to be a writer-focused usability layer on top of Jekyll and a cohesive framework for building themes and plugins. Octopress will work alongside Jekyll without getting in the way at all. It’s shaping up nicely.

Is it safe to say that Octopress 3.0 is coming soon? Many are waiting with baited breath. My guess is that with this and the other independent gems Brandon has released, he is getting close.

Check out the source for Jekyll Liquid Plus on GitHub.

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