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snoopy and sniffer: Detection scripts and bookmarklets for mobile browsers

One of the great things about being a front-end web developer is that you can always improve your craft. You can inspect the work of others by simply viewing the source for a web page to see what JavaScript libraries were used and how.

Mark Perkins offers a couple of projects to make the task a bit easier, especially on mobile devices.


Snoopy is a bookmarklet that lets you snoop on pages on mobile devices like the iPad (although it works on the desktop nicely, too). Simply add the script as a bookmark, navigate to your target page, and launch the bookmarklet. Here’s a screenshot of Snoopy snooping on the Modernizr web site.



Snoopy uses Sniffer under the hood, if you want to use the detection in a close-to-the-metal script form.

Sniffer will detect:

  • Page info, including doctype and charset
  • Popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery, jQuery UI, Prototype, Dojo, Modernizr, and more
  • Popular CMS tools such as WordPress, Joomla, and MovableType
  • Analytics packages from Google, Clicky, and others
  • Typography toolkits like Cufon, TypeKit, sIFR, and Google’s Webfonts

[Snoopy on GitHub] [Sniffer on GitHub]


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