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storytlr - lifestreaming for geeks

Open Source has its own Circle of Life. As we discussed in Episode 0.1.1, Open Source creates opportunities for entrepreneurs. Sometimes those businesses can spin off their own projects, paving the way for the next round of startups.

Sometimes commercial apps just don’t survive, but let’s not confuse viable with valuable. Take the case of Storytlr, a hosted lifestreaming service which sought to let you remix your social networking interactions into your own “stories.” When the hard decision was made to pull the plug on the service at the end of last year, the founders did what many apps have done and handed the source code over to the community.

The official Storytlr open source project is on Google Code but John Hobbs has a fork on GitHub that adds:

  • A tool to rename users (dangerous if not handled properly)
  • Plugins built in for…
  • Github
  • goodreads
  • Foursquare
  • Stack Overflow
  • Twitter favorites
  • Google Buzz
  • Ability to delete items that are from other sources (not just ones from Storytlr itself)
  • tidy is replaced by htmLawed
  • Misc fixes for issues reported on the Google group
  • Misc fixes from other forks, esp. paths courtesy of Stuart Herbert

For a live demo, check out @abraham’s Storytlr at http://stream.abrah.am/.

Storytlr runs on PHP (which runs darn near everywhere) and installation instructions can be found in the README.

[Official Google Code Project] [Source on GitHub]


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