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PHP is a scripting language that works particularly well for server-side web development.
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Ship It! Ship It! #83

🎄 Planning for failure to ship faster 🎁

2022-12-15T14:30:00Z #ops +4 🎧 8,346

Eight months ago, in 🎧 episode 49, Alex Sims (Solutions Architect & Senior Software Engineer at James & James) shared with us his ambition to help migrate a monolithic PHP app running on AWS EC2 to a more modern architecture. The idea was some serverless, some EKS, and many incremental improvements.

So how did all of this work out in practice? How did the improved system cope with the Black Friday peak, as well as all the following Christmas orders? Thank you Alex for sharing with us your Ship It! inspired Kaizen story. It’s a wonderful Christmas present! 🎄🎁

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #321

Drupal is a pretty big deal

2018-10-31T18:35:18Z #drupal +1 🎧 28,138

Adam and Jerod talk with Angie Byron, a core contributor and staple of the Drupal community. We haven’t covered Drupal really (sorry about that), but the call with Angie was inspiring! From the background, to the tech, the usage of the software, the communication at all levels of the community — Drupal is doing something SO RIGHT, and we’re happy to celebrate with them as they march on to the “Framlication” beat of their own drum.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #156

Modern WordPress using Bedrock and Sage

2015-05-22T08:30:00Z #php 🎧 29,907

Ben Word and Scott Walkinshaw joined the show to talk about a more modern WordPress stack, Bedrock and Sage, dependency management, WordPress deployment, smarter development setup with tools like Ansible and Vagrant, and more.

If you’re someone who wants to use WordPress in more modern ways, this show is for you.

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