Adam Stacoviak

terminitor: Automate your terminal workflow on OSX

As developers, we live in the terminal, often in several tabs per project for tasks like application consoles, database interfaces, or monitoring test output.

If you’re on OSX, Arthur Chiu from the Padrino team wants to make your life a bit easier. Terminitor lets you define workspaces and workflows for projects, allowing you to script the setup of tabs that automagically unfold when you sit down to work on a project.

Terminitor is installed via RubyGems

$ gem install terminitor

You can then set up your environment and set up your .terminitor folder in your $HOME folder.

$ terminitor setup

To define a new workspace, use the open command

$ terminitor open my_app

Which you can then edit in your system editor:

# ~/.terminitor/my_app.yml
# you can make as many tabs as you wish...
# tab names are actually arbitrary at this point too.
- tab1:
  - cd ~/projects/my_app
  - rails c
- tab2:
  - mysql -u root
  - use my_app_development;
  - show tables;
- tab3:
  - cd ~/projects/my_app
  - open
  - autotest


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