Adam Stacoviak

things-rb: Ruby lib & CLI for Things (mac)

A fellow Rubist and good friend Andy Shen had a conversation on Twitter with another fellow Rubist Josh Price about Things, the Mac GTD application for the Desktop and iPhone.


What they probably didn’t know is that there’s a Ruby library & CLI tool for accessing the back-end of Things Open Sourced on GitHub.

There are number of reasons why you’d use a command line version of Things, including:

  1. You’re a geek and you like using Terminal and the command line
  2. You don’t need to keep “Things” running all the time
  3. You can access your todo’s remotely via SSH (even from a Windows or Linux box)
  4. Use GeekTool to keep your todo’s on the desktop

Example from the README:

things = # will use Things' default database location. 
# things = => '/path/to/Database.xml')

tasks = do |task|
  tags    = "(#{task.tags.join(' ')})" if task.tags?
  project = "[#{task.parent}]" if task.parent?
  [task.bullet, task.title, tags, project].compact.join(" ")

puts tasks.compact.sort.join("n")

[Source on GitHub] [README]


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