tmTheme-Editor is a color scheme editor for SublimeText, Textmate (and other text editors)

Adam Stacoviak Adam Stacoviak

What started as “a personal experiment” for Allen Bargi to use new HTML5 file APIs in Chrome and Angular.js, tmTheme-Editor is a visual theme editor that allows you to edit tmtheme files easier and faster than any desktop counterparts.


From the readme:

NOTE: Only works in Google Chrome at the moment since the HTML5 APIs used are not available in other browsers yet.

HTML5 APIs used:

  • Blob constructing
  • FileReader API
  • FileWriter API
  • Filesystem API
  • File saver API
  • Drag and Drop API

Check out the source to take a peek behind the curtain and try out the visual theme editor to try out the tmTheme editor for yourself.

Make sure you view the gallery of themes available too - click the Gallery button in the top left of the editor.

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