Adam Stacoviak

tmTheme-Editor is a color scheme editor for SublimeText, Textmate (and other text editors)

What started as “a personal experiment” for Allen Bargi to use new HTML5 file APIs in Chrome and Angular.js, tmTheme-Editor is a visual theme editor that allows you to edit tmtheme files easier and faster than any desktop counterparts.


From the readme:

NOTE: Only works in Google Chrome at the moment since the HTML5 APIs used are not available in other browsers yet.

HTML5 APIs used:

  • Blob constructing
  • FileReader API
  • FileWriter API
  • Filesystem API
  • File saver API
  • Drag and Drop API

Check out the source to take a peek behind the curtain and try out the visual theme editor to try out the tmTheme editor for yourself.

Make sure you view the gallery of themes available too - click the Gallery button in the top left of the editor.


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