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We want YOU to submit Changelog News

The Changelog team has been publishing news and podcasts for developers for a long time, but the podcasts have been front-and-center with news being quietly delivered to developer inboxes around the world via our Trello-based newsletter CMS.


Not anymore, baby! We rejiggered our publishing flow so we’re now delivering news directly to as we write it. You don’t have to read onsite, of course. We syndicate to all the usual places (and even some unusual ones), but we think the onsite reading experience is great and we hope you do, too.

Changelog News isn’t all about us, though. It never has been! Our job is to serve the community by shining a light on awesome projects, writings, announcements, et cetera. With that in mind, we host an open inbox on GitHub called Ping. Ping used to be the place to tell us about what the open source community is up to.

Not anymore, baby! We’re now taking news submissions right here on The new style allows us to better represent all the cool stuff the community is up to by streamlining attribution, publishing, and notifications. Not sure what we’re looking for? Here’s a few things to keep in mind while you submit. 👇

Submission guidelines

  • Submitting your own stuff is encouraged. Submitting other people’s stuff is also encouraged.
  • The golden rule: if your fellow devs will find it interesting, submit it.
  • That being said… we get a lot of submissions. Do your best to convince us why something is newsworthy.
  • Keep it positive. Keep it hacker. 💚

What are you waiting for?

Seriously, go submit some news already!


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