wemux - multi-user terminal multiplexing for party pair programming based on tmux

We just can’t shut up about the joys of tmux, especially for remote pairing. Matt Furden aims to make it even easier to set up a secure multi-user environment with wemux. Wemux sets up an SSH server and tmux sessions for three use cases:

Mirror Mode gives clients (another SSH user on your machine) read-only access to the session, allowing them to see you work, or

Pair Mode allows the client and yourself to work in the same terminal (shared cursor)

Rogue Mode allows the client to pair or work independently in another window (separate cursors) in the same tmux session.


Wemux can be installed via Homebrew and provides a command line interface with a host of options, for listing and joining servers, kicking users, and more:

$ wemux list
Currently active wemux servers:
  1. project-x
  2. rails
  3. wemux    <- current server

Check the README for advanced installation and usage.

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