Adam Stacoviak

ZURB Foundation turns 4.0

We originally covered Foundation back at 2.0. That was before Foundation 3.0 where they re-wrote the styles in Sass (SCSS) and Compass rather than pure CSS.

Now, ZURB is at it again with Foundation 4.0 and this is what’s new.

Mobile first.

We've retooled Foundation from the ground up to be Mobile First. This is no hack job; we didn't just flip some media queries and call it a day. We went through the framework and rethought how grids should work, how components should work in a mobile-first paradigm, so we could be sure the solution we deliver in Foundation 4 is smart and sturdy.


We've built Sass mixins and extensions for almost every component of Foundation. Now you can write whatever markup is most semantic, most representative of what your content really is. Then, simply attach Foundation components to it in your Sass.

New (and Speedier) Javascript.

With Foundation 4, we wanted to make sure that not only were our Orbit, Reveal, Joyride, Clearing and Magellan plugins the best they could possibly be, but also that we were setting Foundation up for even greater plugins in the future. So, we rewrote them all.

We’re also using Zepto.js, a jQuery API compatible library. This dramatically reduces how much your users will need to load (especially on mobile devices) and provides the added benefit of using CSS for animations, taking advantage of hardware acceleration where possible.

HTML Templates.

We've created some common layouts for you to start from so you can cook your site faster.

Check out the source on GitHub and the docs to get started.


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