Go Time – Episode #297

Event-driven systems & architecture

with Chris Richardson, Indu Alagarsamy & Viktor Stanchev

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Event-driven systems may not be the go-to solution for everyone because of the challenges they can add. While the system reacting to events published in other parts of the system seem elegant, some of the complexities they bring can be challenging. However, they do offer durability, autonomy & flexibility.

In this episode, we’ll define event-driven architecture, discuss the problems it solves, challenges it poses & potential solutions.



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1 00:00 It's Go Time!
2 01:21 Viktor Stanchev
3 02:10 Indu Alagarsamy
4 03:01 Chris Richardson
5 03:45 What is event-driven architecture?
6 13:57 Orchestration vs choreography
7 19:00 All the tradeoffs
8 40:16 Bringing this to the wild
9 48:00 Risks of change
10 53:12 Final conclusions
11 56:27 Unpopular opinions!
12 56:50 Viktor's unpop
13 58:53 Chris' unpop
14 1:00:38 Indu's unpop
15 1:04:06 Outro


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