Go Time – Episode #320

Gophers Say! GopherCon EU Berlin 2024

with Cameron + Chioma + Ron vs Johnny + Travis + Paula

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Our award winning worthy survey game show is back, this time Mat Ryer hosts it live on stage at GopherCon EU Berlin 2024! Join in & play along as we see which team can better guess what these GopherCon gophers had to say!



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1 00:00 It's Go Time! 00:47
2 00:47 Sponsor: Speakeasy 04:53
3 05:40 Intro 02:51
4 08:31 Round 1: First Go function 03:08
5 11:39 Round 2: Favorite coding website 05:30
6 17:09 Round 3: Beverage of choice while coding 05:58
7 23:07 Round 4: First Go keyword 08:54
8 32:01 Round 5: Software development makes me 02:18
9 34:18 Round 6: I couldn't code without 04:41
10 38:59 The winners! 00:32
11 39:31 Outro 01:23


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Hello, and welcome to Go Time. I’m Mat Ryer. Today we’re at GopherCon Europe, Berlin. And yes, we’re playing Gophers Say.

So playing today - I’m team zero. We have Cameron, Chioma and Ron. And yes, and team one is made up of Johnny Boursiquot, Travis and Paula. So I’ll explain the rules very quickly. And you each get - -you can have your own mic there, and you’ll share the mic between you. Okay, so we have two teams, and they’ve gotta guess the answers that you gave in the survey. So the audience here in Berlin answered a survey, they answered a load of questions; you’ve got to guess what those gophers say. Remember, it’s not about right or wrong, this is about what these good people think. And that’s also very interesting sometimes.

At the start of each round two team members will go head to see who gets control of the board. From there, you will then have a chance to go through the team and answer all the questions. But beware, you have only three lives. If you get three answers wrong, the other team gets a chance to steal. And in that chance, they only have to get one right answer and they steal all the points. So this is a game you don’t – you don’t confer on the game unless you’re stealing. So you don’t talk to each other. It’s all about you, unless you’re stealing. If you get a question right, you might hear this sound. [win alert] That’s generally considered good news. But if you get an answer wrong, you’re gonna hear this noise. [fail alert] And that’s horrible, isn’t it, when that happens?

Can we have just like a normal buzzer when we lose, instead of that one?

No. But it’s a fine question. To be honest, I’d quite like that feature in real life, when someone says something that’s wrong. You just hit [fail alert]. That’d be useful.

Does that happen often to you, Mat?

No, I’ve never known it happen to me. Right… Let’s get into this first question. The question is, “What is the first Go function that comes to your mind?” We’re going to start with Cameron. Have a guess. What’s the first Go function that comes to your mind? What did our gophers say?

Main. Gopher say? [win alert] And it’s the top answer. So that gets you 24 points. There’s no chance for you to steal, unfortunately… So you keep control of the board. And we go over now - Chioma? What do you reckon? What was the first Go function that comes to people’s mind?

I would have said main as well.

Do you wanna just go for that one as well?

Oh, a different one.

Yeah. What’s the first Go function that comes to your mind?

What’s the first Go function that comes to mind… A get method, or something?

Okay. You say a get method. Gophers say? [fail alert] No, nobody said that. Unfortunately, you lose a life. But don’t worry, you’ve got two other lives. Ron, what do you think?

You think go function is the first one that comes to their minds.

You say go, I say go.

You say go. Gophers say… [fail alert] Oh, no one –

Am I the only person using go in Go? Don’t lie…

Don’t worry, you’ve still got another life. Cameron, it’s back over to you.

Innit. Are you just being cool, bruv? [laughter]

No, you’re not. Okay, sorry. I thought you were being cool.

I don’t know how to be cool.

[00:09:56.25] Okay. Init. Gophers say… [fail alert] No. Also not. And unfortunately, you lose three lives, innit? It’s crazy, innit? [unintelligible 00:10:03.26] Get mad at these. That means though team one, you get a chance to steal. You can confer on this, into the microphone, please. It’s a podcast. Into the microphone, Johnny. It’s a podcast. You’re on the podcast, you should…

Everyone’s favorite debugger, print.

You can keep talking. Imagine this is fun.

I don’t know… New? I mean…

He wants us to confer on the mic.

Yes, please.


Yeah, prntln is better than print.

Yeah, we’ll go with that. Prntln.

Prntln. Okay. Fmt or log?

Okay, fmt prntln, you say. To steal the board. Gophers say? [win alert] Second place. Fmt prntln. And that gets you 13 points. Okay, so you steal these the points, they all go to you. You get 38 points there. Let’s see what else was there. We had main at the top there with 24, then fmt prntln, 13 people said that. In position three fmt prntf. Are we just going to now list the fmt package? Number four, main, and number five, panic. It would have got you five points.

Don’t panic…!

Don’t panic.

He said “Don’t panic”, I said [unintelligible 00:11:28.00]

Yeah. Okay, good. So relax, everyone, as we go into round two. Okay, the question for round two - we asked our gophers to name their favorite coding website. What on Earth did they say? We are going to start with Travis. We’re gonna go to you first.

Hey, not Johnny?

Okay. Oof. Oof. I don’t think this is going to be a number one position, but just to be in line with my talk, I’m gonna go with ChatGPT.

Oh, ChatGPT. You say ChatGPT. Gophers say… [win alert] In the last place there, ChatGPT. It has five points. Chioma, you now have to beat that answer in order to get control of the board. So you just need an answer that’s better than that.

I would say Go package website, the documentation.

Oh, that’s an interesting thought. The Go package website. Gophers say? [win alert] Yes, it’s on there, and it’s the top answer.

We’ll get it back. We’ll get it back.

So you now get a chance to complete their guess. Ron, you’re up next. What do you think?


GitHub? What’s that?

It’s a place where they keep my code hostage.

Okay. Are you sure it’s not the other way around?

I’m not sure, no.

Okay. You say GitHub. Gophers say? [win alert] Of course it’s on there… And it’s in position three, which gets you 12 points. Cameron, it’s your turn, innit?

Yeah… Google.com.

Google.com. Okay, you say Google.com. Gophers say… [fail alert] No. No one googles anymore, because there’s ChatGPT. Surprise, that one. Okay, you lose a life, but don’t worry… Chioma, what do you think? Name your favorite coding website. Just look at them. What do you reckon?


Okay. Yeah. Let’s see. Gophers say? [fail alert] No. No one said Copilot. Okay, Ron, you’ve lost two lives.

No pressure.

No pressure.

Well, looking out at you wonderful humans in the audience, and looking that ChatGPT is in last place, I’m gonna go with the old-school answer, Stack Exchange.

[00:13:56.02] Okay. Stack Exchange… We’ll accept any of those - StackOverflow, Stack Exchange. Gophers say… [win alert] Yeah, baby! Second place there, which gets you 13 points. Okay, Cameron, you’ve just gotta get this last one, and you hoover up all the lovely points.

What’s left…?

What’s left…?

Yahoo.com… [laughter]

If you’re gonna do banter, can you do it into the microphone? Oh, you did. Good.

Any trash talk, into the microphone, please.

Ron, you were just shouting out loud, instead of using the mic.

Any trash talk, through the microphone, please.

He says it again… [laughs] Alright, Cameron…

Alright. I’m not that confident in this, but I’m gonna go with gobyexample.com.

Oh, gobyexample.com. It’s nice one. Gophers say… [fail alert] No. It’s not there. So team one, you have a chance to steal. Please confer loudly into the microphone. I really don’t want to have to tell you again. You will kick yourself.

The Go playground? Something like that. I use it occasionally.

Go.dev covers all the playground and all those ones?

That’s a hard one.

Reddit, maybe? Something like that.

Oh, Reddit. That’s interesting. Okay, I’m gonna have to press for an answer.

There’s no downside to us guessing, right?

How about if you squint, maybe Gopher Slack. You could access it online, right?

It does have a web interface, but… Is that what people would think?

If you’re looking into the audience for the answers, that’s the right place.

Yeah. Can we ask the audience?

No, unfortunately you don’t have that [unintelligible 00:15:43.14] lifeline.

Can we get a hint? It starts with the letter…

W. It starts with www. [laughter] Okay, I need to press you now… Pick a website. There’s loads of them.

You can go for Slack, I think.

Yeah, I would just go with Gopher Slack.

Gopher Slack. I think that is an honorable answer. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, it wasn’t. So what was it? Shout out. Any ideas? YouTube. Gopher say…? Yes, that would have got you six points.

We probably should have gotten that one, yeah.

Some other interesting answers… Two people said Hacker News. Two people said none. Just no website helps. One person said Twitter, whatever that is… And a couple of people just X-ed it out. So there we go.

That’s Twitter, too.

That’s Twitter, too. Yeah. Okay, let’s have a look at the scores. Team one, you have 38 points. But team zero just got all those points from all the board, and they are leading with 49 points.

We got this. We got this.

It’s time for round three. We asked gophers “What is your beverage of choice while coding?” And Ron, we’re going to take an answer from you first, to try and get control of the board.

I’m gonna go with the first and obvious choice, which is coffee.

The delicious alternative to brushing your teeth, coffee. Gophers say… [win alert] Of course, the top answer. 35 points.

I’m just a very typical developer.

Apparently so. Cameron, can you answer some more questions here?

Well, I figure we’re in Europe, and they maybe drink a little more espresso…


I’ll go with that. Yeah, it probably does get bundled into the old coffee – just because it’s made of coffee.

Alright, well, let me take it back then. So you know the answers… Let’s go with Coke.

Coke. Coca Cola.

Yeah. The drink.

Yeah. I’ve done some lines of code, I’ll tell you that…

ChatGPT [unintelligible 00:18:05.01] come up with an awesome joke like that. ChatGPT could not make that kind of joke.

No, because it’s got ethics built in. [laughter] Okay. Coke. Gophers say? [win alert] It’s actually soda; or pop, we would accept it. That’s in third place, and it gets you seven points. Coffee got you 35 points though, which is pretty good. Okay, what do we think, Chioma? What other drink do people drink when they’re coding?

Well, everyone drinks water, so I’ll go for water.

That’s a good idea. You say water. Gophers say… [win alert] At number two there, 28 points. So to hoover up all of these points and take the whole board, Ron, you just have to get this last one.

Well, there comes a point in the programmers day… I call it the golden hour. It’s the hour when you switch from coffee to beer.

Oh, thank goodness. I didn’t know where that was going. Okay, you say beer. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. You lose a life. But it’s okay, you’ve got two other lives. Cameron.

For now. I’m gonna go with tea.

Tea. A little ripple of applause for tea. Some tea fans in here. But if you liked tea so much, you wouldn’t have thrown it in [unintelligible 00:19:29.14] harbor in Boston, would you? Which - I think that’s how they invented ice tea. Isn’t it? They’re like “Actually, this is pretty good.” Okay, tea. You say tea. Gophers say… [fail alert] No. You lose another life. Okay, Chioma, back to you. You nailed it last time with water, plain water; it’s up there. What else?

I’m assuming they love beer, and –

What do you drink when you code?

I drink water when I code, but I already said that. I’m looking for hints. [laughter]

Yeah, what could it be?

Are we considering energy drinks soda?

I don’t think we would consider that as soda, no.

Because energy drink then.

Yeah, that’s fair enough. You say energy drink. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, and I’m afraid that’s your last life. Over to the other team now, team one. You’ve got a chance to steal.

Question. Would beer be sort of considered alcohol in general, or is that a different category?

Well, when Ron said it and the big – in microphones, everyone. Say that again.

Beer is just a watered-down alcohol, so no.

What did I make him say that I into a mic…? When Ron said beer last time, he got a great big X, didn’t he? Remember?

So don’t say that one.

There may be a clue on the board. Is that conferring going on, or are you just silently thinking, you lot?

We’re looking for the hint. You said it was on the board.

I mean, that’s a can of beer I have there, so it can’t be that.

My name is Johnny, and there’s Johnny Walker [unintelligible 00:21:16.29]

Oh…! I don’t know if I’m helping saying that.

No, no, no, no. Go in your corner.

Okay, what do we drink? Coffee scored 35 points. Plain water scored 28 points. Soda/pop, seven points. What else could they be drinking?

Does [unintelligible 00:21:39.24] category, since we’re in Berlin?

Oh, well, do you class that as soda?

I mean, the drink in bottles, yes. Yes. The other one no. [laughs]

What are you saying, Johnny?

Carbonated water.

That’s not soda? That’s not water? I mean…

It’s not soda, is it? It’s not plain water, is it? [unintelligible 00:22:03.16] take all the bubbles out?

[00:22:07.26] Could be. How many Germans did we have? Can I get the hands?

We don’t have that data. [laughter] We don’t say “Are you German?” before we ask people questions.

Okay, seltzer water. Final answer.

Okay, this is it. Tension. And honestly, on the podcast they’ll be playing tension music by this point, probably… You say seltzer water. Gophers say… [win alert] Sparkling water! That was the last answer, and it gets you five points… The clue, of course, being plain water. And that means you steal all those points.

No beer or alcoholic drinks… So this explains a lot about code quality.

Yeah. Some other interesting answers… Somebody put “Coffee as strong as Chuck Norris”, and then someone put a grande iced double vanilla frapuccino with cream on top. It’s soy milk, of course. I think they just thought that was a [unintelligible 00:23:05.01] Right. Now it’s time for round four. And we’re giving it a little twist here… It’s time for the Unpopular Opinions round.

Jingle: [00:23:15.27]

Okay, so that means what we’re looking for now is the most unpopular answers. So it still need to have got on the board, still needs to have been five people saying it… But now we’re looking for the unpopular ones. And the question is, what is the first go keyword that comes to your mind? So what is the first Go key word that comes to your mind? We’re looking for unpopular ones, and I think we’re going to start with team one. We’re gonna go for Johnny. Johnny, what’s your guess?

So if I understand this correctly, what is the keyword that is least desirable?

Well, in a way… It’s complicated, isn’t it? Yeah. It’s like a Christopher Nolan round, this one.

I will go with goto.

Johnny says goto. Gophers say… [fail alert]

Oh, come on.

Remember, it has to [unintelligible 00:24:31.28] No. It didn’t even get onto the board.

How many people knew you could do that even in Go? Raise your hands… Who has actually used it, keep your hand up.

Somebody said they used it. We need to talk. We need to talk.

If fewer than five people said it, it’s not gonna feature on the board. So we are looking – it has to be a bit popular. Okay. Cameron, to get control of the board, you just need one answer.

We can all confer, can’t we?

No, we’re just gonna bounce [unintelligible 00:25:01.24]

Oh, that’s too bad.

There’s no control.

Defer. Does that mean you’re gonna give me the answer at the end? Okay, Cameron, you said defer. Gophers say… [win alert] On there, in point three. Eight people said that, which gives you 15 points. Okay. Now, Travis. It’s your guess.

Fallthrough. That’s like up there with goto, come on.

Okay. Travis –

It needs to appear somewhere on the board.

Travis says fallthrough. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, it’s not there. Chioma, what’s the first Go keyword that comes to their minds? Have a look at them. Do they have good minds? What are you thinking?

The wait keyword…

The wait keyword, okay. You say wait. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, I’m afraid nobody said that. Right. Over now to Paula, team one.

Switch. You say switch, Paula, but what do our gophers say? [fail alert] No.

[00:26:11.25] Come on, switch.

I am going to go with the same answer for the most popular, which is go. No one ever got fired for using go, right?

Okay, Ron, you say go. Gophers say… [win alert] It is the top answer!

I had the number one most unpopular answer.

28 people said it, but this means you only get five points. But it’s actually the most popular answer.

Mat. Mat. Mat.


Right here, behind you. Yeah. Mat, you’ve been a bad boy…

I thought it was God talking to me. That’s what I think God would sound like. Is it just me?

I’m your daddy.

That’s not God anymore… It’s turned into a weird Terminator now… [unintelligible 00:26:54.06] I’m your daddy!”

“Get to the choppa…” Okay. Well, so you lied to us. You told us those were the least desirable keywords. We’ve been guessing them the whole time.

Look at the points though. So the top answer being go, 28 people said it - it only gets you five points. So you score more points for defer, even though only eight people said it. That’s how it’s unpopular.


I mean, we can do the song again, mate, if it’ll cheer you up. Although I noticed you weren’t singing. And you definitely know it. Okay. Ron, it’s your turn, I think.

[unintelligible 00:27:31.24] I mean, I’ll go again to try to get more points, no problem. If you’re gonna let me cheat, Mat… I mean, I’m happy to cheat for you if you want me to.

Don’t make it funny, because then the mistake will stay in the edit. Okay, Johnny, it’s your turn next to have a guess.

If. What is the first Go keyword that comes to your mind? Johnny Boursiquot says if. Gophers say… [win alert]. And it’s the bottom answer, with five points, which gets you 30 points. Five people said that. Nice work. Johnny, still want to complain about the format, or are you good now?

Oh, this is great.

Okay. Cameron, what do you think?

Struct. What’s the first Go keyword that comes to your mind. Cameron says struct. Gophers say… [win alert] Six people said it, which earns you 25 points. Very good stuff. Travis, can you get these two? Well, just one of them… You can’t guess both unless they’re the same. They’re not.

The number, or the –

Yes, the number four.

The number four. Okay, Travis says the number four. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, it’s not on there, and neither is for. Good guess though. Alright, who’s go is it now?

I will say range.


Okay. [fail alert] No, I’m afraid it’s not on there. That was a good guess though. Paula?


Okay. Func. Fair enough. Paula says func. Gophers say? [win alert] [unintelligible 00:29:25.23] answer there. 16 people said it, which gets you 10 points. Right, we’re just looking for this final answer now. Ron, can you do it?


Ron says break. Gophers say… [fail alert] No. Break’s not there. Back around to Johnny. What are you thinking, Johnny? Tell us what you’re thinking, in your voice, into the microphone. Are you just not thinking anything?

[00:29:57.12] Nil. Okay, John says nil. gophers say? [fail alert] [unintelligible 00:30:00.14] Cameron.

Cameron, use your data knowledge of the internals of the Go team. It’s alright, they did not say we could not do that.


Yeah… I had something and I knew it was it, and I forgot it. Oh, [unintelligible 00:30:14.20]

Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about actual keywords of the language.

Well, actually, we aren’t necessarily, because it’s basically whatever people said. So they don’t have to answer with keywords at all.

Do you people even know Go?

I was really thinking this, I forgot it, and then someone in the audience said it, so I remembered it. It’s interface.

Interface. Okay. Cameron says interface. Gophers say? [fail alert] Oh, I’m afraid not. Travis, you can do this.

Okay. It’s between two, I think.

Yeah, it is between defer and struct. [laughter]

Right between defer and struct, right?


Um, return.

Return. Honorable guess, I think. Gophers say… [fail alert] No. It doesn’t return anything.

There’s no return.

No return. Okay.

Var. Gophers say? [fail alert] Right, let’s get into some rapid rounds now. Paula.

The problem is I have been doing TypeScript the last few weeks…

Well, that’s not our fault… [laughter]

So I’m struggling a bit. [unintelligible 00:31:22.04] I guess. I hope. Um, type?

Type? What, because of TypeScript? That is absolutely mad. And also, gophers say… [win alert] Seven points. Seven people said it, which gets you 20 points. Wow. Excellent. That was the unpopular round. That was easy, wasn’t it? [laughter]

So let’s just have a quick look at the scores. Team zero’s at 94, but team one has really pulled ahead, with 173. But don’t worry, these are double points. We’re going to double your points now, and all you have to do is guess what people said when we asked them “Software development makes me…” What did they say? What does software development make them? And we’re going to Paula.

Scream. [laughter]

Scream. Okay, software development makes Paula scream. Is it like in a good way, or bad way?

[unintelligible 00:32:26.28]

[unintelligible 00:32:28.07] Sorry, I’ll just have a quick reread of the Code of Conduct. You said scream. Gophers say? [win alert] Yeah, sad or annoyed. 14 people said it, and we’re going to double those points for you, so you got 28 points. You win control of the board… So Johnny, it’s your go.

I think we’re going down.

Let’s see. You might be able to steal.

I’m an optimistic person, so I’m gonna say “happy.”

Happy. Oh, that’s nice. Software development makes Johnny scream, but happy. Gophers say… [win alert] Travis, what does software development make you do?

That’s pretty much full gamut already. I mean…

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, man….

Those are the only four I ever feel, so…

Happy, fulfilled, sad or annoyed. You’re a simple man.

Oh, very, very. That’s actually a little much for me even, so… Wealthy. [laughter] Well, [unintelligible 00:33:27.19]

Software development makes Travis wealthy. Gophers say? [win alert]

Yay…! [unintelligible 00:33:38.17]

Excellent stuff. Okay, we’re gonna go straight into the next round after I tell you that Team Zero has 94 points, but team one has really pulled out now ahead, with 255 points. Amazing stuff.

Does the other team know the objective of this game is to win it, or…? I’m just talking a little trash, you know…

I did tell you to do that, Johnny, so I take full responsibility. We’ll talk about this after the conference.

Yes, over scotch…

I’ll meet you outside the bar…

Break: [00:34:15.04]

Okay, the question we asked our gophers… And again, this is for double points. “I couldn’t code without…” what? What couldn’t they code without? Cameron, to get control of the board, you just have to get one right. “I couldn’t code without…”

I guess I’ll go with Stack Overflow, but… Yeah, Stack Overflow.

Okay, I couldn’t code without Stack Overflow. Gophers say? [fail alert] No. Okay, Johnny, for control of the board you just need to get one.

An editor/IDE? Or Emacs. That’s a lifestyle on its own. I’m just saying, one of these things.

That means Emacs. He was answering Emacs. If it doesn’t say Emacs, then it’s a lose.

Okay. Johnny Boursiquot says Emacs. Gophers say? [win alert] And again, control of the board. So Travis, what have you got to say about this? I couldn’t code without… What?

I feel like I already spent my ChatGPT card… I’m gonna go with a computer.

Okay. I mean, what do you think of these people, that they’re going to answer – Travis says a computer. Gophers say? [win alert]

Yay, first place!

Ron, I guarantee you can code without a computer.

Only sometimes, Mat. Only sometimes.

Yeah. Okay, Paula, what do we think? I couldn’t code without…


Oh, I couldn’t code without documentation. That’s a lovely answer. Gophers say? [fail alert] Nope. “I don’t read the docs. Thanks.”

Who here has actually used documentation while coding? Don’t answer that.

Go has such beautiful docs.

It’s a shame. It’s a shame. But anyway, you lose a life, but don’t worry. Johnny, you’ve got two more lives. What couldn’t you code without?

A search engine.

A search engine. That’s quite a good answer. Which one? What’s your favorite?

I decline to answer that question.

Hm. That’s weird. Okay, a search engine. Gophers say? [fail alert] No, I’m afraid not. Travis, one life left. You don’t want to give the board away, so…

I’m gonna risk keeping it on brand, in a way, and say Copilot.

Copilot. Okay. You said Copilot. Gophers say? [fail alert] No, they didn’t. And this now means that Team Zero has a chance to steal the board.

We can confer now, right?

You can confer, yeah. Please do.

Alright, what do you guys think? Should we go with electricity? [laughter] Or maybe the internet. I don’t know, what do you think? Cameron?

The internet sounds good. Music could be another option.

Oh, I like music, and I probably couldn’t code without it, but I just don’t know about these humans. What do you think?

Someone literally says “Coffee makes me a great developer.” Maybe I’d say coffee.

Alright, so what do we think? What are we gonna go with? How do you feel about the internet?

We could go with that.

Alright. We’re gonna go with internet.

Okay. You say internet. Gophers say… [fail alert] No, I’m afraid not, and that means that team one takes all those points.

Can we see the other answers?

We will see the answers, yes. So at number one there we had a computer. 12 people said that. Vim, Emacs, etc. was said by 10 people. In place number three we have body parts. Six people said that.

Their own body parts…?

It doesn’t specify.

What kind of development do they do?

Not clear. Not clear.

Was there like a drop-down? [laughter]

Yeah, that’s it. And then the final answer was - you’ll be kicking yourselves… Silence, music, or focus. We would have accepted any of those, which would have scored you five points.

[unintelligible 00:38:13.20]

Some other interesting answers here… Someone said “I couldn’t code without having learned BASIC on a ZX Spectrum.” That’s a nice answer. I also had that computer. Someone also said “I couldn’t code without my cat. Apparently, at least, she’s certain of that.” That’s nice. Quite good for passwords, though, cats.

Natural debuggers.

Yeah. Plus, they’re fuzzing… Just cat humor. It’s fine. Don’t worry. And someone also said “I couldn’t code without saying we follow all Agile principles, when in fact it’s 70% Waterfall.”

So let’s have a look at the final scores. Team zero, you’ve fought valiantly. You’ve got 94 points, which is more than most people in the here, because they weren’t playing. Well done. But to be honest, you couldn’t fit this team one score into an eight-bit int… They scored 299. [applause]

Just for the record, Johnny is high fiving people right now. Okay, unfortunately, that’s all the time we’ve had today. Thank you so much, everyone that took part by answering questions and being here. Thank you to our panelists. We’ll see you next time, on Go Time.


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