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Actual impostors don't get impostor syndrome  ↦

I read this post a week back and it keeps resonating with me.

…actual impostors don’t experience impostor syndrome. They don’t wonder if they’re qualified for their current position, or if they measure up with their peers. They just lie, lie, lie, until they have access to what they want, then they take it—and leave.

Does your team or company normalize talking about impostor syndrome?

One thing a con artist will never do, in my experience, is openly admit that they’re conning you. They will deny, lie, and generally talk in circles around the truth. So if you want to know, one hundred percent, that you’re not an impostor, do something no impostor would ever do: out yourself.


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2021-08-30T16:45:09Z ago

Impostor syndrome doesn’t exist.

What we call “impostor syndrome” is the pathologization of a perfectly normal and responsible way of feeling about your own skills, which just happens to be inimical to the life ethos of success obsessed “go-getters” and other grifters.

You are just a good person. You don’t have impostor syndrome.

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