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CodeSandbox Containers is in beta  ↦

CodeSandbox Containers was just announced by Ives van Hoorne on Hacker Noon.

Today we’re happy to announce CodeSandbox Containers. We execute your code on a server, which allows you to work on any JavaScript project that works locally.

But you gotta use it so they can test things and get it right.

We can only test CodeSandbox Containers fully when we have other people using it. … Please don’t use it for any project with files you don’t want publicly exposed. There’s also the chance that the service might be down because of things that we haven’t foreseen yet, in which case you’ll see a nice warning message.

We will dedicate the coming months to squash every bug we can find, when we think that CodeSandbox Containers is stable enough to remove the beta warning we will announce this.


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